pub unsafe trait WorkAdapter {
    type Target;

    const FIELD_OFFSET: isize;

    fn run(w: Ref<Self::Target>);
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An adapter for work items.

For the most usual case where a type has a Work in it and is itself the adapter, it is recommended that they use the impl_self_work_adapter or impl_work_adapter macros instead of implementing the WorkAdapter manually. The great advantage is that they don’t require any unsafe blocks.


Implementers must ensure that there is a Work instance FIELD_OFFSET bytes from the beginning of a valid Target type. It is normally safe to use the crate::offset_of macro for this.

Required Associated Types

The type that this work adapter is meant to use.

Required Associated Constants

The offset, in bytes, from the beginning of Self::Target to the instance of Work.

Required Methods

Runs when the work item is picked up for execution after it has been enqueued to some work queue.