pub trait Type {
    type Context: Context<Self> + ?Sized;
    type Data: PointerWrapper + Send + Sync = ();

    const SUPER_TYPE: Super;
    const NAME: &'static CStr;
    const FLAGS: i32;

    fn fill_super(
        data: <Self::Context as Context<Self>>::Data,
        sb: NewSuperBlock<'_, Self>
    ) -> Result<&SuperBlock<Self>>; }
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A file system type.

Required Associated Types

The context used to build fs configuration before it is mounted or reconfigured.

Provided Associated Types

Data associated with each file system instance.

Required Associated Constants

Determines how superblocks for this file system type are keyed.

The name of the file system type.

The flags of this file system type.

It is a combination of the flags in the flags module.

Required Methods

Initialises a super block for this file system type.