Module kernel::prelude

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The kernel prelude.

These are the most common items used by Rust code in the kernel, intended to be imported by all Rust code, for convenience.


use kernel::prelude::*;



  • Asserts that a boolean expression is true at compile time.
  • Returns the currently running task.
  • Construct an in-place initializer for structs.
  • Construct an in-place, pinned initializer for structs.
  • Prints an alert-level message (level 1).
  • Prints a critical-level message (level 2).
  • Prints a debug-level message (level 7).
  • Prints an emergency-level message (level 0).
  • Prints an error-level message (level 3).
  • Prints an info-level message (level 6).
  • Prints a notice-level message (level 5).
  • Prints a warning-level message (level 4).
  • Static assert (i.e. compile-time assert).
  • Construct an in-place fallible initializer for structs.
  • Construct an in-place, fallible pinned initializer for structs.