Type Alias kernel::error::Result

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pub type Result<T = (), E = Error> = Result<T, E>;
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A Result with an Error error type.

To be used as the return type for functions that may fail.

Error codes in C and Rust

In C, it is common that functions indicate success or failure through their return value; modifying or returning extra data through non-const pointer parameters. In particular, in the kernel, functions that may fail typically return an int that represents a generic error code. We model those as Error.

In Rust, it is idiomatic to model functions that may fail as returning a Result. Since in the kernel many functions return an error code, Result is a type alias for a core::result::Result that uses Error as its error type.

Note that even if a function does not return anything when it succeeds, it should still be modeled as returning a Result rather than just an Error.

Aliased Type§

enum Result<T = (), E = Error> {




Contains the success value



Contains the error value