pub unsafe fn from_boxed_utf8_unchecked(v: Box<[u8]>) -> Box<str>Notable traits for Box<I, A>impl<I: Iterator + ?Sized, A: Allocator> Iterator for Box<I, A>    type Item = I::Item;impl<F: ?Sized + Future + Unpin, A: Allocator> Future for Box<F, A> where
    A: 'static, 
type Output = F::Output;
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Converts a boxed slice of bytes to a boxed string slice without checking that the string contains valid UTF-8.


Basic usage:

let smile_utf8 = Box::new([226, 152, 186]);
let smile = unsafe { std::str::from_boxed_utf8_unchecked(smile_utf8) };

assert_eq!("☺", &*smile);