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The kernel crate.

This crate contains the kernel APIs that have been ported or wrapped for usage by Rust code in the kernel and is shared by all of them.

In other words, all the rest of the Rust code in the kernel (e.g. kernel modules written in Rust) depends on core, alloc and this crate.

If you need a kernel C API that is not ported or wrapped yet here, then do so first instead of bypassing this crate.


pub use macros;


Kernel errors.

The kernel prelude.

Printing facilities.

String representations.

Synchronisation primitives.

Kernel types.


Creates a new BStr from a string literal.

Asserts that a boolean expression is true at compile time.

Fails the build if the code path calling build_error! can possibly be executed.

Creates a new CStr from a string literal.

std::dbg, but using pr_info instead of eprintln.

A convenience alias for core::format_args.

Prints an alert-level message (level 1).

Continues a previous log message in the same line.

Prints a critical-level message (level 2).

Prints a debug-level message (level 7).

Prints an emergency-level message (level 0).

Prints an error-level message (level 3).

Prints an info-level message (level 6).

Prints a notice-level message (level 5).

Prints a warning-level message (level 4).

Static assert (i.e. compile-time assert).


Equivalent to THIS_MODULE in the C API.


The top level entrypoint to implementing a kernel module.