Module kernel::irq

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Container for interrupt flags.


A guard to call chained_irq_exit after chained_irq_enter was called.

Wraps the kernel’s struct irq_desc.

Wraps the kernel’s struct irq_domain.

Wraps the kernel’s struct irq_data.

Wraps the kernel’s struct irq_data when it is locked.

The registration of an interrupt handler.

The registration of a threaded interrupt handler.

Contains constants that describes how an interrupt can be triggered.


Extra information returned by some of the Chip methods on success.

The return value from interrupt handlers.


An irq chip.

A high-level irq flow handler.

An irq handler.

A threaded irq handler.


Enables or disables power-management wake-on for the given irq number.

Type Definitions

The type of irq hardware numbers.