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Flags associated with a File.


Bitmask for access mode flags.

File is opened in append mode.

Signal-driven I/O is enabled.

Close-on-exec flag is set.

File was created if it didn’t already exist.

Direct I/O is enabled for this file.

File must be a directory.

Like O_SYNC except metadata is not synced.

Ensure that this file is created with the open(2) call.

Large file size enabled (off64_t over off_t).

Also known as O_NDELAY.

Do not update the file last access time.

File should not be used as process’s controlling terminal.

If basename of path is a symbolic link, fail open.

File is using nonblocking I/O.

Used to obtain a path file descriptor.

File is read only.

File can be both read and written.

Write operations on this file will flush data and metadata.

This file is an unnamed temporary regular file.

File should be truncated to length 0.

File is write only.