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Contains the C-compatible error codes.


Argument list too long.

Permission denied.

Address already in use.

Cannot assign requested address.

Advertise error.

Address family not supported by protocol.

Try again.

Operation already in progress.

Invalid exchange.

Bad file number.

File descriptor in bad state.

Not a data message.

Invalid request descriptor.

Invalid request code.

Invalid slot.

Bad font file format.

Device or resource busy.

Operation Canceled.

Exec format error.

Channel number out of range.

Communication error on send.

Software caused connection abort.

Connection refused.

Connection reset by peer.

Resource deadlock would occur

Resource deadlock would occur.

Destination address required.

Math argument out of domain of func.

RFS specific error.

Quota exceeded.

File exists.

Bad address.

File too large.

Host is down.

No route to host.

Memory page has hardware error.

Identifier removed.

Illegal byte sequence.

Operation now in progress.

Interrupted system call.

Invalid argument.

I/O error.

Transport endpoint is already connected.

Is a directory.

Is a named type file.

Key has expired.

Key was rejected by service.

Key has been revoked.

Level 2 halted.

Level 2 not synchronized.

Level 3 halted.

Level 3 reset.

Can not access a needed shared library.

Accessing a corrupted shared library.

Cannot exec a shared library directly.

Attempting to link in too many shared libraries.

.lib section in a.out corrupted.

Link number out of range.

Too many symbolic links encountered.

Wrong medium type.

Too many open files.

Too many links.

Message too long.

Multihop attempted.

File name too long

No XENIX semaphores available.

Network is down.

Network dropped connection because of reset.

Network is unreachable.

File table overflow.

No anode.

No buffer space available.

No CSI structure available.

No data available.

No such device.

No such file or directory.

Exec format error.

Required key not available.

No record locks available

Link has been severed.

No medium found.

Out of memory.

No message of desired type.

Machine is not on the network.

Parameter not supported.

Package not installed.

Protocol not available.

No space left on device.

Out of streams resources.

Device not a stream.

Invalid system call number.

Block device required.

Transport endpoint is not connected.

Not a directory.

Directory not empty.

Not a XENIX named type file.

State not recoverable.

Socket operation on non-socket.

Operation is not supported.

Not a typewriter.

Name not unique on network.

No such device or address.

Operation not supported on transport endpoint.

Value too large for defined data type.

Owner died.

Operation not permitted.

Protocol family not supported.

Broken pipe.

Protocol error.

Protocol not supported.

Protocol wrong type for socket.

Math result not representable.

Remote address changed.

Object is remote.

Remote I/O error.

Interrupted system call should be restarted.

Restart the system call.

Operation not possible due to RF-kill.

Read-only file system.

Cannot send after transport endpoint shutdown.

Socket type not supported.

Illegal seek.

No such process.

Srmount error.

Stale file handle.

Streams pipe error.

Timer expired.

Connection timed out.

Too many references: cannot splice.

Text file busy.

Structure needs cleaning.

Protocol driver not attached.

Too many users.

Operation would block.

Cross-device link.

Exchange full.