Module core::arch::nvptx

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🔬 This is a nightly-only experimental API. (stdsimd #27731)
Available on target_arch="nvptx" or target_arch="nvptx64" only.
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Platform-specific intrinsics for the NVPTX platform.

See the module documentation for more details.



Syscall to be used whenever the assert expression produces a false value.


x-th thread-block dimension.


y-th thread-block dimension.


z-th thread-block dimension.


x-th thread-block index.


y-th thread-block index.


z-th thread-block index.


x-th block-grid dimension.


y-th block-grid dimension.


z-th block-grid dimension.


Synchronizes all threads in the block.


x-th thread index.


y-th thread index.


z-th thread index.


Free previously dynamically allocated memory.


Allocate memory dynamically from a fixed-size heap in global memory.


Generates the trap instruction TRAP


Print formatted output from a kernel to a host-side output stream.